New Staff Appointments

Dr Glenn Begley is very pleased to advise of the following senior appointments to the positions of Chief Operating Officer and Senior Project Leader (two appointments).

These appointments signal the very important next stage for BioCurate. The Company has now established its operations and will soon be taking on its first projects. BioCurate will provide the management, commercial focus, international expertise and funding necessary to boost their successful translation and commercialisation.

Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary
Linda Peterson has extensive experience across the academic, not for profit and corporate life sciences sector and has held positions in medical research, R&D, business management and executive leadership. Linda has been the Interim Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary for BioCurate since July 2016. Working closely with the Board and University partners, Linda has been responsible for leading and managing all aspects of the set-up and independent operations of the company, including establishing the office facilities and back-office support arrangements, governance processes, operational systems and policies, communications and the recruitment of key staff. Immediately prior to joining BioCurate, Linda was the Executive Manager for the Bionics Institute and CEO of Bionic Enterprises Pty Ltd. Linda’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Science and post graduate qualifications in business administration.
Linda commenced in her new position of Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary on 1 October, 2017.

Senior Project Leaders
Two outstanding and highly experienced professionals, Dr Catherine Drinkwater and Dr Eric Hayes have been appointed to the positions of Senior Project Leader. Their combined breadth of scientific expertise and project management experience bring valuable skills to the company as it prepares to take on its first projects. Drs Drinkwater and Hayes will lead and manage the development of the BioCurate project portfolio from initial academic interaction through oversight and delivery of specific project milestones. The Senior Project Leaders will work closely with the inventors, support the Universities to help build their capability in translational research and liaise closely with other key players required for the successful commercial development of projects.

Dr Catherine Drinkwater has extensive experience in both academic research and industry drug development. Following completion of her PhD at the Howard Florey Institute, Cathy went on to postdoctoral fellowships at Stanford University School of Medicine (California) and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Since then she has worked in the commercial sector, as Principal Scientist at AMRAD Corporation (later Zenyth Therapeutics) and Project Manager at CSL, and at the research/industry/education “interface” with the Cancer Therapeutics CRC. During that time, she was responsible for leading and managing several early discovery and development projects, working with research teams to enhance their collaborative efforts and facilitate the timely delivery of their outcomes. Cathy has experience in a range of therapeutic areas including endocrinology, neurobiology, oncology, immunology and inflammation. Dr Drinkwater will commence in her new role on 13 November, 2017.

Dr Eric Hayes has academic, commercial drug development and pharmaceutical R&D support services experience, spanning over 25 years, in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Eric completed undergraduate and post-graduate studies in medical pharmacology at the University of British Columbia and the National University of Singapore. As a scientist, Eric has deep experience in preclinical drug development and supportive assay/model development. He has a breadth of therapeutic area experience including CNS, respiratory, metabolic, infectious diseases, cardiovascular and genitourinary diseases. As an entrepreneur, he has assisted academic and commercial individuals and institutions with discovery, development and commercialization of a variety of life-sciences technologies with a strong focus on human therapeutics development.  Dr Hayes will commence in his new role in early January, 2018.

BioCurate CEO Dr Glenn Begley presents at Harvard and Stony Brook Universities

Dr Glenn Begley gave a presentation at Harvard Medical School on 27 June. Around 200 students, postdocs and senior members of the Faculty attended Dr Begley's thought provoking and entertaining talk on the problems with reproducibility in science. Afterwards, a group joined Dr Begley for a Q&A over lunch.

Dr Begley was also the keynote speaker at the US National Directors of Graduate Studies in Pharmacology and Physiology (NDOGS) at Stony Brook University on 29 June 2017.  This is the annual meeting of the Directors and members of the FDA.  Following the presentation Dr Begley participated in a panel to continue discussions on what should be encompassed in their training programs with one of the NIH attendees.



BioCurate enters into a commercial services relationship with The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI)

BioCurate is a joint venture of the University of Melbourne and Monash University, supported by the Victorian State Government. This bold and important collaboration underpins BioCurate’s aim to address the key challenges in early stage drug development and to increase the number, quality and rate of translation of new drug discoveries into medically sound, commercially attractive, investable projects.

Last month Dr C. Glenn Begley returned from the USA to Melbourne and commenced as BioCurate’s CEO, building on a distinguished career as haematologist, oncologist and biotech CSO. Last week BioCurate officially opened its new premises at 407 Royal Parade.

BioCurate brings a commercial skill-set and extensive global industry experience to this joint venture. It is recognized that in order to achieve sector-wide change, scale and international partnering, there will be a need, over time, to engage more broadly with the commercial development of Melbourne’s life-sciences sector.

BioCurate is pleased to announce that as a first step towards this broader sector engagement, BioCurate has entered into a Commercial Services Agreement with WEHI, the Department of Medical Biology in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

This Agreement covers the provision by BioCurate to WEHI for some specialist commercialization advice and contains all the standard commercial clauses relating to confidentiality and conflict of interest. The Board has determined that this advice will be provided by BioCurate’s CEO and will comprise around 2-4 days per month.

Dr Begley is a full-time employee of BioCurate with the requirements of the Company and its University Shareholders being his highest priority. Building on Dr Begley’s appointment, the Company will attract additional capability and continue to build expertise specifically targeted at early drug development.

BioCurate is committed to building on the combined research strengths of its University Shareholders to make transformational drug candidates become a reality.

CEO Appointed

An outstanding industry leader with exceptional national and global experience in successfully propelling important biomedical discoveries out of the lab and into the market has been appointed inaugural CEO of BioCurate Pty Ltd.  This AUD $80 million venture was launched last year by Monash University and the University of Melbourne and supported by the Victorian Government. The appointment is the result of an extensive international and national search.

Chair of BioCurate and former Premier of Victoria (2007-2010) the Hon. John Brumby AO today announced the appointment of Dr C. Glenn Begley as the CEO. Dr Begley has held senior academic positions in Australia, and worked in small biotech and large pharmaceutical companies. Most recently he was the Chief Scientific Officer of a privately-funded biotech company Akriveia Therapeutics, in California.

“I’m delighted to welcome Dr Begley back to Australia and into a pivotal role within this new enterprise,” Mr. Brumby said.

“Dr Begley brings an extraordinary combination of commercial, academic and clinical insight to this significant venture – the first of this scope and scale in Australia - whose ambition is to unlock the exceptional research capabilities of the University of Melbourne and Monash University and their partners in hospitals, medical institutes and industry, enabling significant new discoveries to be translated more rapidly into new medicines. The social and economic implications for Victoria and Australia are profound.”

A clinical haematologist and medical oncologist, whose academic and commercial roles include board level and senior positions in Australia, the USA and the UK, Dr Begley said he was looking forward to playing a leading role in shaping the strategic direction and operations of BioCurate Pty Ltd:

“I am delighted to be joining BioCurate at this important moment in its development,” Dr Begley said.

“Now more than ever it’s critical that important medical discoveries make it from the lab into new medicines and that the clinical and commercial benefits accrue to Australia. I am confident that BioCurate, building on the combined research strength of these two outstanding universities will ensure transformational drug candidates become a reality.”

Dr Begley will commence his appointment on 22 May 2017.

About BioCurate Pty Ltd

BioCurate is a joint venture of the University of Melbourne and Monash University, supported by the Victorian State Government. Announced in June 2016, its founding universities are placed in the world’s top ten in the therapeutic areas of immunology, oncology, paediatrics, neurosciences, and infectious diseases.

BioCurate offers a new model, designed to address the key challenges in early stage drug development, and will focus on those stages of development before a project is attractive to big pharma or venture capital funds. Its purpose is to increase the number, quality and rate of translation of new drug discoveries into medically sound and commercially attractive, investable projects.

BioCurate is owned jointly by the universities but is independently governed with the Hon. John Brumby as Chair and Dr. C. Glenn Begley as CEO.  

Quotes from Monash University and the University of Melbourne

Monash University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Enterprise), Ken Sloan, welcomed the appointment of Dr Begley to the position of CEO of BioCurate Pty Ltd:

“It is fantastic that a leading scientific innovator like Dr Begley, with his wealth of international commercial and research expertise, has been attracted back to Australia to lead this remarkable venture,” Mr Sloan said.

“Dr Begley’s appointment is a strong indicator of Victoria’s and Australia’s growing global presence in the field of drug discovery and commercialization, catalyzed by the groundbreaking partnership between two world-leading universities.”

Doron Ben-Meir, Vice-Principal (Enterprise) at the University of Melbourne, welcomed the appointment of Dr C. Glenn Begley to lead BioCurate.

“Dr Begley brings exceptional knowledge and expertise in the scientific field and biotech industry and will lead us into an exciting new era of commercialisation via this enterprise, bringing together the world renowned expertise of Australia’s leading research universities of Melbourne and Monash,” Mr Ben-Meir said.

Quote from the Victorian Government Minister for Industry and Employment, Wade Noonan:

“Melbourne is quickly cementing its place as a world-leader in medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, and we’re attracting the world’s best and brightest minds to help the sector grow and create jobs.

BioCurate will facilitate strong growth for Victoria’s pharmaceutical sector. The collaboration is expected to generate about $360 million in activity over the next 10 years, supporting the creation of new companies, investment opportunities, exports, and more highly skilled jobs for this vital industry.” 

Dr C. Glenn Begley – biography

Most recently Dr C. Glenn Begley was Chief Scientific Officer at Akriveia Therapeutics, a Californian biotech company focused on discovering and developing the next generation of cancer immunotherapies. He was also a non-Executive Director for UK-based Oxford BioTherapeutics.

His previous roles include:

  • Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice-President, TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals (Pennsylvania)
  • Vice-President and Global Head, Hematology and Oncology Research, Amgen (California)
  • Executive Director, Western Australian Institute of Medical Research (Perth)
  • Senior Principal Research Fellow and Professor of Medicine, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, University of Melbourne

Dr Begley studied Medicine at undergraduate and postgraduate level at The University of Melbourne.


Mr Brumby and Dr Begley are available for interviews.

For media enquiries please contact:

Linda Peterson
Chief Operating Officer (Interim)
Tel:  +61 419 320 435

Historic university collaboration launched to discover new medicines

A newly launched $80 million enterprise marks a unique collaboration between Monash University and the University of Melbourne in the field of biomedical research.

A first for Australia, and one of a small number of similar initiatives globally, the enterprise taps into the outstanding and complementary biomedical research capabilities and successful pharmaceutical outcomes of the University of Melbourne and Monash University with their associated Medical Research Institutes and hospitals. Both universities rank in the top 50 universities worldwide for Medicine, Pharmacy and Pharmacology according to the latest QS rankings. When the research strengths of these universities are combined in selected therapeutic areas they would be placed in the top 10 institutions globally, so combining their capabilities produces a global scale venture.

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