Glenn Begley

Chief Executive Officer

Dr C. Glenn Begley is a clinical haematologist and medical oncologist, whose academic and commercial roles include board level and senior positions in Australia, the USA and the UK.  Prior to joining BioCurate,  Dr Begley held the position of Chief Scientific Officer at Akriveia Therapeutics (Califormia), Chief Scientific Officer at TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals (Pennsylvania) and , from 2002-2012, Vice-President and Global Head of Hematology/Oncology Research at Amgen. During this time, he became interested in the issue of research integrity and scientific reproducibility.

Before joining Amgen, Dr Begley had over 20 years of clinical experience in medical oncology and hematology.  His personal research focused on regulation of hematopoietic cells and translational clinical trials.

Dr Begley studied Medicine at undergraduate and postgraduate level at The University of Melbourne.


Damien Bates

Chief Scientific Officer
Head of Translational Medicine

Dr Damien Bates is a senior healthcare industry executive specialising in global preclinical and clinical development, medical affairs, marketing authorisation and lifecycle management of biologics and devices. He has held scientific & medical leadership positions in multiple US based companies including Baxter, Organogenesis, Allergan and SanBio with a proven track record in the successful execution of preclinical development programs, clinical trials and post-marketing medical support for approved and cleared products, and FDA, EMA, PMDA and SwissMedic negotiation & approvals.

Dr Bates received his medical degree from the University of Sydney, his PhD in Developmental Biology from the University of Melbourne, his Fellowship in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and his MBA from the Wharton Business School.


Linda Peterson

Chief Operating Officer
Company Secretary

Linda Peterson is the COO and Company Secretary for BioCurate Pty Ltd, responsible for leading and managing all aspects of the set-up and independent operations and governance of the company.  Ms Peterson has extensive experience in the biomedical sector, leading and managing new initiatives, multidisciplinary teams and R&D projects.   Linda’s previous roles include the CEO of Bionic Enterprises Pty Ltd and Executive Manager of the Bionics Institute.

Linda’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Biological Sciences and post graduate qualifications in business administration.


Catherine Drinkwater

Senior Project Leader

Dr Cathy Drinkwater has extensive experience in both academic research and industry drug development. 

Following completion of her PhD at the Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne, Cathy went on to postdoctoral fellowships at Stanford University School of Medicine (California) and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (Melbourne).  Since then she has worked in the commercial sector, as Principal Scientist at AMRAD Corporation (later Zenyth Therapeutics) and Project Manager at CSL, and at the “interface”, with the Cancer Therapeutics CRC.  During that time, she was responsible for a number of early discovery and development projects, working with research teams to enhance their collaborative efforts and facilitate the timely delivery of their outcomes. 

Cathy has experience in a range of therapeutic areas including endocrinology, neurobiology, oncology, immunology and inflammation.


Eric Hayes

Senior Project Leader

Dr Eric Hayes has academic, commercial drug development and pharmaceutical R&D support services experience, spanning over 25 years, in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Eric completed undergraduate and post-graduate studies in medical pharmacology at the University of British Columbia and the National University of Singapore. As a scientist, Eric has deep experience in preclinical drug development and supportive assay/model development. He has a breadth of therapeutic area experience including CNS, respiratory, metabolic, infectious diseases, cardiovascular and genitourinary diseases.

As an entrepreneur, he has assisted academic and commercial individuals and institutions with discovery, development and commercialisation of a variety of life-sciences technologies with a strong focus on human therapeutics development.


Lorna Mitchell

Senior Project Leader

Dr Lorna Mitchell is a medicinal chemist with 17 years international drug discovery experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.  Lorna is passionate about delivering high quality drug candidates and has experience across a range of therapeutic areas including oncology, neuroscience, antivirals, and dermatology.

 Lorna started her industry career, and training as a medicinal chemist, at Pfizer. She continued to grow her skill set within Pfizer for nearly 10 years at sites in both the USA and the UK before moving into the biotech arena.  Lorna worked in various Boston area biotech’s for 7 years, with most of that time at Epizyme, before she relocated to Australia in 2017 as head of medicinal chemistry at Bionomics.

Lorna completed her Ph.D. in organic chemistry at The University of Auckland in New Zealand and carried out post-doctoral studies at the University of Rochester in the USA and the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre (ACSRC) in New Zealand.


Christopher Chan

Project Leader

Dr Christopher Chan is an immunologist with expertise in therapeutic antibody development, immuno-oncology, inflammation, innate myeloid and lymphocyte biology, and T cell biology.

Prior to joining BioCurate, Chris worked in both start-up (Pionyr Immunotherapeutics) and small biotechnology (Compugen USA, Inc) companies in San Francisco, and has experience working in science and technology accelerators, incubators, and leading drug development programs that have led to successful venture capital investments. Chris has led first-in-class antibody development programs from target discovery through to IND-enabling activities, which has culminated in IND approvals by the US FDA and the submission and granting of numerous patents.

Chris completed his PhD in Immunology at Monash University and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, and performed further postdoctoral studies at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.

Tifelle resized for website.png

Tifelle Reisinger

Program Manager

 Dr Tifelle Reisinger is a medicinal chemist with 9 years drug discovery experience in the pharmaceutical and CRO industries in France, UK and Australia. She has worked on programs from hit identification through to candidate nomination in the fields of oncology, cardiovascular diseases and neurosciences.

Tifelle relocated from the UK to Melbourne in 2017 as Head of Business Development, Asia Pacific for Domainex, a drug discovery service company. With a strong client-focus and business acumen, Tifelle generated and managed a portfolio of clients with ownership of the full sales cycle, with biotech companies, VCs and leading academic research institutes across Australia. She has built successful relationships based on understanding client needs, creating bespoke solutions and delivering value to international clients and utilising her business development, project and contract management skills.

 Tifelle completed her Ph.D. in organic chemistry at The University of Paris and the Institute of Chemistry of Natural Substances (ICSN) in France and undertook further post-doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge in UK.


Michele  Neisemann

Office Operations Manager

Michele Neisemann has extensive experience in executive administration, human resources, operations, and project management in the R&D sector.

Michele was integral in implementing start-up systems and arrangements for BioCurate in its first full year of operation.  With the company now in full operational phase, Michele has responsibility for refining and consolidating these processes to ensure projects entering BioCurate’s pipeline are well supported organisationally and for general administrative, operational and systems technical support across all functions.  

Prior to joining the Company, Michele held senior administrative and project roles at CSL, the Australian Stem Cell Centre, the Gene CRC, Cerylid, and AMRAD Corporation. 




Paul Field

Business Development Advisor

Paul brings over 25 years of business development experience to BioCurate, and a deep network in the global biopharmaceutical industry. He has facilitated the commercialisation of pre-clinical programs in oncology, neurology, infectious diseases and other therapeutic areas, in partnership with companies in the USA, Europe and Japan. He was previously a life sciences specialist at Austrade, the Australian Government’s trade and investment promotion agency, and earlier he was the Executive Chairman of Bio-Link, a business development company with offices in Melbourne and Sydney that worked with a number of Australian medical research institutes and biotech companies. Paul has served on the Boards of the Victorian Cancer Biobank and the Global Health Alliance Melbourne, respectively, and he is currently an independent, non-executive director of Autism CRC Ltd.