About BioCurate

BioCurate Pty Ltd was formed jointly in June 2016 by The University of Melbourne and Monash University, with support from the State of Victoria.  Its founders are two of Australia’s leading biomedical universities, both located in Melbourne.  The combined research strengths of these Universities is world class, placing them in the top 5 globally in pharmacology, metabolism, and immunology, and in the top 10 in, paediatrics, neurosciences, and cardiology – thereby covering some of the most debilitating, costly diseases of the modern world.

As an independent ‘venture catalyst’ and technology accelerator, BioCurate operates in the under-resourced, yet critical early phases of new drug development (a phase often referred to as the ‘valley of death’ due to the high rate of attrition).  BioCurate will provide the commercial focus, expertise and funding necessary to address the barriers to success, and drive early decisions, with the intent of boosting the successful development of new medicines.

A portfolio of quality candidates has commenced development and spans a range of therapeutic areas and modalities.  Strong and collaborative linkages are well progressed with the Universities and other key partners in health, research and industry in Australia and internationally.

This  historic collaboration to form BioCurate will unlock their combined exceptional biomedical research strengths in Melbourne, enabling significant new discoveries to be translated more rapidly into new medicines. The impact will be profound and far-reaching – transforming people’s lives, generating commercial returns and driving the innovation economy..

BioCurate is operationally independent of the Universities and has an independent Board Chair, the Hon John Brumby, AO.  Mr Brumby is an eminent Australian with demonstrated leadership and commitment to innovation. He will be supported by a highly experienced Board of Directors with specialist backgrounds in biotechnology and/or drug development commercialisation, investment and corporate governance.


BioCurate is a joint venture of Monash University and the University of Melbourne.